Privacy Policy

An overview of how HaileyBot handles various types of data

User Data

The only user data collected and saved is your user ID. This is used to store information linked to your account, such as bank balance, server XP, and work cooldown. No identifying information is stored apart from the ID itself.

Server Data

Server data collection matches that of user data. The server ID is collected to store information linked to that server, such as the bot prefix and configured channels for things such as welcome and goodbye messages. Like user data, the only identifying server data that gets stored is the ID itself.

Message Data

HaileyBot does not log or save any message data. Server administrators can choose to enable a modlog feature, where messages will appear in the designated channel if edited or deleted. For this feature to work, message content needs to be stored in RAM, so HaileyBot keeps a cache of messages for 24 hours. The cache is never saved to disk, and in the event of a restart will be cleared automatically. An example of the modlog feature can be seen in the publicly viewable #mod-log channel of HaileyBot's support server.