Global Ban Policy
A detailed overview of the Global Ban Policy, and instructions on how to report a user so they can be added to the Global Ban List.

Bannable Actions

The following actions or behaviors will cause a user to be added to HaileyBot's Global Ban List.

NSFW Content

  • Intentionally sending NSFW content to a channel that isn't marked as NSFW
  • Sending NSFW content to other users through direct message, against the user's will


  • Spamming in a channel that hasn't been explicitly marked as a "spam channel"
  • Spamming a user's direct messages
  • Organizing or participating in a server raid


  • Sending derogatory slurs in a server
  • Sending a user derogatory slurs in their direct messages


  • Being excessively rude and/or toxic to other users against their wishes
  • Disobeying instructions from server staff members


To report a user for violating the GBP, you will first need to gather evidence in the form of screenshots. Along with the evidence, you will also need to provide the user's ID. If you have the sufficient evidence and information about the user, you can contact us at [email protected] or message cheesits#0456 on Discord, and we will review the submission and make a decision.
Last modified 2yr ago
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